For retail businesses such as department stores, large specialty companies, convenience stores, boutiques, grocery stores and supermarkets.

With POS and laptop systems, retailers can reliably control inventory levels while improving profitability.

Retail employees can work more efficiently and make customers satisfied with informative and timely assistance.

Our solutions can be customized to meet the needs of retailers in a variety of industries and will enable our partners to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service levels.

Our products can be used in a wide range of retail businesses and support your sales with these outstanding features and benefits:


_ Bestsellers, better customer service

– Help smart selling and increase the level of customer service through better information


– Reduce stock outs and excess inventory


– Reduce the loss of use of a document

Accelerate the task

– Reduce working hours thanks to automated data entry, allow you to quickly restore shelves

Precision in inventory management

– Eliminate human errors during inventory, stock process and prices, and provide better forecasts

Traditionally, the restaurant’s POS system is where a customer makes a payment in exchange for goods or services. Touch screens and a variety of other hardware and software options are used to activate the transaction. Today, however, the point of sale of the restaurant is often called the point of service of the restaurant, since restaurant POS is no longer just about sales processing. Modern restaurant POS systems are a platform at the heart of any food operation that helps improve the customer experience and streamline business operations. Each restaurant POS system allows operators to process orders and maintains financial control of their business, through cash management and integration with payment service providers. As margins become tighter in the restaurant industry, successful operators need a point of sale to do much more. Today, a restaurant POS will also offer:

  • Report and analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Gift and loyalty
  • Loss prevention
  • Table reservations

The importance of restaurant POS systems

Restaurant point of sale systems are essential for food and beverage operators who want to provide their customers with a great dining experience, control costs and increase revenue and overall profitability. The POS of the right restaurant should deliver the following to a food and beverage operator.

PDAs undeniably occupy a place of choice in the market of mobile computing tools. Their use is in very strong increase. Improved performance and lower component costs help broaden the scope of applications. Today, the ranges of products and the accessories that they can integrate are very varied. Available software and hardware tools enable a variety of features to meet the demands of every application from manufacturing to shipping; high-tech barcode scanning technology and RFID technology are available accurate data that is needed for each process in real time. Accurate data entry can reduce work time and labor. It helps the company reduce operating costs and increase productivity. This is the key word for dominance in competition and successful business. Our PDA solutions optimize manufacturing and the warehouse management system with outstanding bar code scanning technology and RFID technology (coming soon). The use of barcodes improves productivity and reduces errors with real-time data our product makes your manufacturing management system enjoyable. Manufacturing includes all processes such as material assembly, finished product production and inventory management. Point Mobile’s PDA maximizes efficiency by precisely managing resources and managing assembly processes.


  • Accuracy – to determine the production of production and the precise state of production.
  • Efficiency- manage the worker efficiently and increase the efficiency of the company.
  • Productivity- reduces errors and significantly increases productivity in manufacturing operations.
  • Optimization-customize the entire process of manufacturing sites (quality management, facility management)

Our DSD and VAN Sales Solutions allow your merchants to spend less time in the office and more time in the field to interact directly with your customers, building relationships and taking orders. With our handhelds, your account managers have exactly what they need to get the most out of each face-to-face meeting. Increase your sales with our solutions!


With real-time data on promotions and customer buying habits, your presale teams can provide better customer service while increasing sales.


Promote positive customer relationships – Enable your sales team to capture competitor prices, provide customers with graphical sales analysis and enter special orders at the point of sale.

2 FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Lack of inventory, incomplete or missing postings, incorrect pricing and inaccurate signage are common in the industry and result in lost sales, wasted promotional investments, and discontented consumers and retailers. Point Mobile laptops would not allow you to have these experiences.



All-in-One – Provides real-time ordering, payment processing and billing for in-store direct delivery with our rugged all-in-one handheld.

Time Saving – Shorten the manufacturing period to delivery and add more stops to delivery routes with GPS tracking systems.

Accurate – Collect the signature, time and place of the recipient for proof of delivery with a handheld


It is essential to plan remote field workers and to have instant communications with them to meet service level agreements. Point mobile’s reliable connectivity and multi-function scanners are key to bringing the office to the worker or technician, providing instant access to order history and customer or asset records. Productivity gains with our solutions help to do more fieldwork in a day, increase revenue, and more customer satisfaction.


Accuracy – Identify the current location of a field agent, asset or vehicle with GPS

Speed – Identify the nearest technician or sales agent for an appointment

High Productivity – Access and display of data from back-office systems – Ordering of parts online and providing electronic quotes to customers

Easy Data Collection – Collect inventory and asset barcode data, on-screen client signatures, or signed documents using color imagery


Having the right selection of prices, promotions and products to choose from is essential to maximize your sales and margins and minimize returns.


Access to information real-time – Thanks to The mobile computers WAN of point mobile, your sales and marketing people have an access on site in your systems and last data on prices and availability of the products which they need to get this difficult sale and before your competition

Definite – horodatages and GPS can validate that screens are constructed, that the zones of sale are restocked and that the price of the product is correct and correctly commercialized.

By increasing the quality, speed, and accuracy of information that accompanies each package, pallet or container, companies utilizing barcode scanning technology can improve responsiveness and efficiency as well as cut operating costs, giving them an advantage dock to dock and dock to door and this can be translated back into benefit for customers..

INFONET has necessary knowledge and experience to give solutions adapted to the needs of the specific environment of transport and of logistics of the clients and give a variety of solutions to meet the needs of the firms of transport and of logistics for maintenance and management of the fleet the management of routes, the working of freight, the delivery of packages and the management of the rent service.

Construct your firm with solutions of transport and of logistics.


Maximize the revenue generating opportunities, provide faster response time to your customers and reduce the paperwork and travel costs.


  • Accuracy – Reduce errors in the field with real-time access to customer data, service logs and manuals.
  • Efficiency – Do worker’s jobs on-the-go and provide a better customer experience.
  • Productivity – Reduce man hours by automated data capture to visit more customers
  • Optimization – Improve workforce management with visibility into performance metrics.

Incorporate up to date data capture, automation and printing technologies into your ware house infrastructure.


  • Real time communication – Data collected on the mobile computer in a WLAN-enabled can be transmitted immediately to the database.
  • Accuracy – Minimize errors from the equation with automated data capture
  • Productivity – Increase productivity through terminal messaging, sequenced pick and put away procedures and paperless picking and receiving
  • Integration – Interface with existing accounting and ERP S/W to reconcile shipments

Decrease data entry errors, increase productivity and lower operational costs.
Have a data to always keep stock according to customers’ demands without driving up the storage costs.


  • Accuracy – Eliminate human error in inventory counting
  • Speed – Reduce man hours by automated data capture
  • Accountability – Reduce using a document and loss
  • Mobility – Make adjustments and replace damaged labels

When a delivery is critical for a project’s completion, ensure that your deliveries arrive on time, every time.


  • Accuracy – Reduce errors and miss-placed deliveries
  • Speed – Delivery packages faster from the mailroom to where they’re needed
  • Accountability – Know when package arrive where they were sent and who signed for them
  • Efficiency – Save time spent looking for packages


Patient Care


Identify patients by scanning a barcode and access the right records, medication, and treatment. Point Mobile devices are dedicated to making collaboration and communication comfortable among healthcare providers, to ensure the best care for your patients. Carry your workstation at your fingertips and be where you are needed in the demanding healthcare environment.

Patient safety is the vital purpose of the health care industry; however, it is also critical that there are too much patient data to collect, identify, trace and synchronize in order to ensure patient safety. Due to necessary of automatic data collection in the health care industry, there is a big push in-and-out the industry for the solution; barcode scanning technology can satisfy the necessary and the ultimate goal, patient safety, at the same time.

Provides us with some improvement in patient tracking, asset and material management by lightening the burden of the data collection mission. The overview of the application includes patient intake, patient care, general materiel management and pharmacy asset management.


Patient information tracking automation with barcoded wrist band
– provide proper, quick and right service and care throughout the patient’s entire stay, and automatic Electronic Health Record (EHR) collection


  • Quick Admission – Reduce admission time by Electronic Health Record with barcoded wrist band
  • Information Access – Assign unique barcode by wristband for immediate patient history access
  • Data Collection – Immediate patient data upload on Electronic Health Record (EHR) database
  • Efficiency – Less paper work and more time for patient care
  1. Patient Care

Prevent medical error with multiple confirmations with mobile scanning device
– provide accurate, quick, efficient patient care and make satisfactory environment on both patients and clinicians


  • Medical Error Prevention – By multiple checks with mobile device on medication, wristband and bedside barcode
  • Freedom of Movement – No worry about tripping over, and no necessary to clean the cord for safety with POINTMOBILE’s wireless devices
  • Satisfactory environment – Quick response from fast data gathering, create satisfactory environment on both patients and clinicians
  • Efficiency – Reduce unnecessary process and provide a higher-quality service



A steady flow of any operation depends on the quality of inventory management,
and this is no exception for a pharmacy. Guarantee patient safety and eliminate human error
with our rugged mobile computers to keep track of expiration dates for medications in stock.
Make trouble free decisions in identifying the right medication for disposal on top
of managing stock-taking, stock ordering, as well as pricing.

Provide methodical system for inventory management
– Prevent medication distribution error and drug abasement, and provide well-organized data collection method


  • Govn’t Regulation – US FDA issued regulation of barcode usage on human drugs in 2004, Korean Pharmacy Information Service (KPIS) also decided to used GS1-128 barcode in 2013; systematic and comprehensive management of medical products are expected.
  • Patient Safety – Prevent medication distribution error by right data and immediate confirmation during medication delivery
  • Asset Management – Efficient pharmaceutical product management by real-time necessary medication grasp leads efficient pharmaceutical product management; immediate response to the medication and data-driven inventory plan possible.
  1. General Management

Save costs with speedy, accurate, and reliable inventory data collection – Prompt responses in different situation is possible by exact understanding of material status, and patient safety assurance with everyday functioning medical equipment


  • Material Management – Automatic asset management by mobile device, reduce manual works
  • Efficiency – Purchasing & Requisition cost reduction, accurate asset tracking and waste decrease
  • Specimen Collection – Automatic specimen collection provides, patient comfort, decrease possible delays in diagnosis or treatment and decrease unnecessary repetition for clinicians and laboratory staff.
  • High Quality Patient Care – Improved management staff productivity leads better quality of patient care