The specialist of Point of Sale 

Since 2000, INFONET SERVICES provides better quality products and technology and continues to behave as a pioneer and a leading supplier of POS materials and peripherals. 100% of our customers are satisfied with our quality of services at the end.

Our activity focuses on distribution and marketing throughout the Tunisian territory to respond to needs of our customers and sales network.

INFONET SERVICES is the official distributor of the Korean brand POSBANK in Tunisia, the world leader in point-of-sale solutions that offers a wide range of point-of-sale terminals, touch monitors and POS peripherals for the retail, hospitality, industry sector …

INFONET SERVICES is the official distributor of the Korean brand POINT MOBILE in Tunisia, leader in enterprise mobility products, which offers particularly rugged PDA both OEM / ODM. Traceability and automatic identification solutions that meet the needs of the industrial, medical, logistic and commercial sectors.

INFONET SERVICES is the official distributor of the Taiwan brand ZEBEX in Tunisia, Leader in the production of Auto-ID equipment, especially barcode scanners and readers.

Our products and solutions focus on all POS and personal assistance, which aim to help the individual in the execution of his daily tasks such as commercial management, remote management …

Our PDA solutions integrate existing and emerging technologies. In addition, they comply with the latest security standards and take advantage of the latest device connection options (GPRS, Wi-Fi, IP and Bluetooth).

Our Products, Solutions, Services and Expertise that we offer make your job easier!
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Our comprehensive experience allows us to benefit from a thorough understanding of various standards, protocols and requirements.

We offer a full range of point-of-sale products; terminals, touchmonitors, ticket or label printers for commercial or industrial needs, barcode readers adapted to your needs, a wide range of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) which ensure data entry, reading information, data storage and barcodes identification , value-added services, local or remote maintenance, and dedicated technical support.

Whatever your requirement is, we provide the right solution for your point of sale.